Pulsar Venture Capital launches a business Bootcamp for IT-startups, investors, and business angels.

The Program’s main objective is to find partners and investors to help portfolio companies to go global. The two-week Pulsar Dublin BootCamp will take place in Ireland & Russia in September 2018. Apply at dublin.pulsar.vc

The program targets two key audiences: Tech Start-ups aiming to go global, working principally on EduTech, HR-Tech, Robotics, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency; as well as ICO startups.

At BootCamp startups will have a chance to raise investment, find corporate partners, and present their ideas to investors and corporate innovations scouts. The teams will also receive consultations to help them meet the requirements for overseas market MVPs. As a part of networking initiative, the teams will meet Russian startups who have successfully launched their projects in Ireland.

The second key audience of the program is Investors, who look for ventures to invest in and have resources to help their portfolio companies to scale globally. BootCamp offers opportunity to:

  • How Ireland can work explore Ireland as an access point to integrate European investment community;
  • Opportunity to invest into a selection of investor-ready startups;
  • Gain a deeper insight into angel investor syndicate opportunities;
  • Understand the Irish start-up ecosystem and their focus on global markets;
  • Discover how Business Angel and Seed Investment operates in Ireland;
  • Establish a holding company and open a bank account in Ireland IS.

“It is always difficult to take the first step towards the unknown. But that first step becomes so much easier when you have a clear map of the journey ahead, and can share that with key strategic partners. Preparation for that journey is vital to its completion. It creates clarity of vision, a sense of common purpose, and confidence. The first step is no longer towards the unknown, but towards the adventure of scaling your business in international markets. That is the goal of Pulsar Dublin Bootcamp this coming September. Our Bootcamp is being launched by Pulsar VC and Guinness Enterprise Center with the support of Enterprise Ireland and some of the best minds involved in the Irish ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to make sure your first step is heading in the right direction. “ – Pavel Korolev, Pulsar Venture Capital CEO

“We have been delighted to partner with Pulsar VC for the last, helping Russian & Eastern European start-ups to relocate their business in Ireland. The program, which is primarily held in Dublin, is unique. It is an outstanding opportunity for start-ups to establish not only a strong partnership, but also friendly ties, to test business models, to find customers and investors. This year, the Dublin Bootcamp is gaining steam, which means more meetings, more useful contacts and more business development opportunities for your start-up. This cannot be missed! See you in Dublin!», — says Eamonn Sayers, Guinness Enterprise Centre manager.