We have strong networks of contacts in different parts of the world, and work to connect you.


Pulsar’s offices are located in California’s Silicon Valley; Kazan, Russia, Dublin, Ireland; and by partners in Asia. Our Silicon Valley office invests in global early-stage startups and serves as a ‘landing pad’ for entrepreneurs, investors, and partners looking to access the US market and as a ‘launch pad’ for US businesses looking to enter the Russian and East European markets. Pulsar’s first location is in Kazan, capital of Tatarstan Republic. Rich in natural resources, Tatarstan is committed to diversifying its economy, inviting foreign direct investments into non-extractive industries as well as making its own investments around the globe. Pulsar’s Dubai office serves as ‘landing pad’ for entrepreneurs, investors, and partners looking to invest in global early-stage startups. Our Irish office invests in global early-stage startups and serves as a ‘landing pad’ for entrepreneurs, investors, and partners looking to access the Irish, European and UK markets. Pulsar’s Asia office serves as a window to the exciting market opportunities, startups and investors coming from and expanding into this part of the world.


As any founder knows, one of the greatest struggles for startups is hiring the first employees. We employ 
our resources to make this process less painful.


One of the challenges of investing early is also one of the pleasures: getting hands-on with operations
 guidance and support.


Our team bring years of passion, expertise and experience into each startup’s success.


Our portfolio companies are selected for the synergy they create with each other.


We look for your next round, exit, or other liquidity event along with you – and sometimes participate in follow-on financings ourselves.


We quickly decide whether a company is promising at the current juncture and give entrepreneurs a 
straightforward answer. We often find ourselves syndicating in with top-tier venture capital firms or renowned angel investors.


We run annual international business acceleration program for Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, IT, Hardware and Advanced Materials. Pulsar Venture Capital Acceleration Program focuses on early-stage startups with potentially disruptive business ideas from any geography. It includes rapid product and customer development, business models testing, team competency evolution, marketing channels creation, high-intensity classroom training and opportunities to build relationships with experts, mentors and investors from around the world. ​Another two important stages of the program are seed investments and an internship in one of the leading global innovation centers. Total budget is up to $ 100k per each startup, including up to $ 50k as cash.